Blog Response

No, I do not think that there should be a limit on humanity’s pursuit of knowledge. Knowledge is power and the only reason people do not want humanity to know more than they should, is because people are afraid of power. In my opinion, the more you know, the better. No, we do not have the moral obligation to play God. The only person who has a right to play God is our parents, especially when it comes to going out and partying, or basically anything. It’s always their choice, if they say no, you listen. Mainly, I think that things should’t be messed with and that they should stay the way they are unless the thing we are doing is going to improve someone or something. There’s always room for improvement.


Admitting I’m Wrong

Everyone in the entire world knows that awkward feeling of suddenly realizing that you have made a mistake. That awkward moment is usually always followed  by making a decision of whether you want to admit your mistakes or if you want to try and hide the fact that you were wrong. The biggest challenge that I face in my life is when I have to admit I am wrong. We all make mistakes and when we do most of us say “oops” and move on. Except me. Everyone hates to be wrong. Whether it is a bad decision I have made or during an argument with my friends or family members. Even if it is just the smallest, tiniest, minuscule of details that I get wrong, I still can not admit it. When it comes to arguing with anyone, I am very close minded and only go with what I strongly believe in, which makes it very hard challenge to change my mind. I should probably learn to let go of having the need to always be right about things. It just feels a lot easier to just hide the truth. I need to realize that this is not a contest and it is not a game that I always have to win everything. I need to learn to say “Thanks for your perspective, I will think about that.” or “I was wrong. I am sorry”, instead of “I am right, like always.” Needless to say, I have to change my behavior.